Updated:Water supply has been stopped in KL!!Why?How long will it continue?


Most of Selangor area, including Kuala Lumpur, is currently out of water service.

I guess there are many people who are in trouble due to this out of water service at home or at work. Why this problem is occured?

How long will the situation continue? I think that there are many people who are interested, so let me share the information currently announced.

Odor from tap water! The cause is a factory!!

Before this watter supply problems,the tap water has bad smell these days and Standard units “TON”which shows the level of the smell of water was increasing,too.

According to a CNA report, the source of the bad smell of tap water is suspected to be from a factory in Sungai Selangor, which has already been closed.

How long will this water supply stop continue?

“Air Sleangor” didn’t mention how long this situation will continue.But according to a lot of mass media,this problem will continue at least 4days.

Where is the affected place?

Almost all of Klang Valley area are affected but if you want to know more details,you can get it from the below document which is from “Air Selabgor”.

Panic buying is happned?!

In Malaysia, we can not drink the tap water.So we need to buy drinking water at supermarkets and this problem has no effect towards the drinking water.

But some of us may want to use drinking water for dairy life for on behalf.

Here are the photos of supermarkes in Kuala Lumpur & in Selangor.

Drinking water corner at the supermarket in Selangor
Drinking water corner at the supermarket in Kuala Lumpur

As you can see,there are no drinking water in the supermaket in Selangor at around 6PM on 4th.

On the other hand,KL a supermarket was seemed that they had enough stocks

It seems that situation is different from place to place.

Dairy water is necessary but drinking water is more important for us.I hope there are enough stock of derinking water….


Water is quite important things for our dairy life.So this problem cause a big trouble for us.

It seems that「This water supply stop will continue at least 4 days」,but I hope we can get the normal water supply as soon as possible.

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Updated: Water supply resumed in some areas in the morning on Saturday?!

According to the announcement by Air Selangor, it seems that the cleaning of a part of the Sungai Selangor water purification plant (LRA) and the water purification equipment at Rantau Panjang (Near to Kuantan) has been completed.

It seems that water supply will be resumed as soon as sufficient water supply capacity is secured and water pressure is confirmed.

I will continue to update once I get some new.

Final update:Water Supply ‘fully restored’ in the affected areas

Sorry for my late updates.Water supply has been fully recovered on 9th/Sep in the morning.

According to the news report,this water supply cut is caused by a factory located in Sungai Gong area but a factory owners deny their allegations.

Now the water supply is fully restored but before this matter happened,Malaysia met the water cut due to a contamination several times.It seems take a time to solve the problem fundamently.

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