Yesterday,I’ve gone to KLIA CLAZY SALE.

I would like to introduce how “CLAZY SALE” was!!

Long queue at the entrance?!How long should I wait??

The sale venue is behind the departure floor on the 5th floor.

Sale venue: Just above the departure gate.

When we arrived at the venue around 11:15 on the second day of the bargain, the congestion at the entrance was as the below photo.

Maximum 100 people can enter the venue at one time, and about 30 people were already lined up , except for the first team who entered at the same time as the opening at 11:00.

Numbered ticket

When you line up in a line, such numbered tickets will be distributed, so you receive it and line up.
Waiting about 15 minutes… We could enter the venue, without waiting too much.

Security: Sealed in your bag

The security of the anti-theft was strict, and once you enter inside, you need to be closed your bag with a plastic wire.
(You can cut it at the exit.)
Only your wallet and smartphone can be removed from your bag.

Dive into the sale venue! !!!

Here is the sale venue! !

The venue was quite crowded…because there were maximum 100 people.
There was a temperature check and tracking with the My Sejahtera app before entering, but those who are concerned about being infected with COVID-19 may need to avoid this event.

What is sold at this bargain?

Here is the sales items.

High brand: Small items such as bags, wallets,sunglasses and watches

High brands such as COACH, MICHAEL KOAS, and VERSACE are lined up.


MIDO,Calvin Klein,RayBan,Oakley…

As for high brands, only a very limited number of items were on sale this time. Each brand has only very limited items on sale for this event.


I’m not interested in purchasing perfumes this time,so I didn’t check this corner so much but there were a lots of people.

It seems that there were many special offer items.


There were only few cosmetics.Special offer items were quite limited.


To be honest, This is just a small event and there weren’t many bargain items.

I think that 30th & 31st will have more guests, but I think you don’t need to enter if there are a queue.

There are quite a lot of bargain items at the Mitsui Outlet Park, so I recommend that you visit this place! !

Thank you for reading to the end today.

See you soon & Jumpa lagi!!


KLIA CLAZY SALE is extended until 5th/SEP.

10,000 gusts has already visited there.If you haven’t been there yet,You must go there!!