Super SALE at KLIA:Duty-free goods


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Today,I would like to infrom you of “Super SALE info at KLIA”

What is “KLIA Crazy Sale”?

KLIA Crazy Sale is a large-scale sale of duty-free shops scheduled to be held from 26th/AUG to 31st/AUG.

The number of visitors is expected to be 3,000 per day, and this will be the largest sale at KLIA ever.

The venue is on the departure floor (5th floor) and the observation area. Until now, it was only available to international passengers, but this time,it is also open to visitors.

You will be able to use free-car parks,too.

Details of CRAZY SALE

During this sale,You will be able to get the duty-free items at special price.This special price will be up to 70% off! !

The expected sales goods are the following.



・Sweets (chocolate, etc.)


・Living goods

Other Events

You can also enjoy “mini travel fair” during this sales term.

“Sama-Sama Hotel KLIA,” next to the airport,will be held a tour of the fire station inside the airport .

Need to register in advance? ! Is there Entrance Regulation? !

According to their Official Facebook page,we don’ t need to register in advance.

This is the first time that general visitors can get a duty-free sale, so it’s unclear how many visitors will come.But I think it will be crowded especially 29th to 31st.

For preventing to catch COVID-19, you may be better to go on a weekday.

Also Recommended!!Mitsui Outlet Park SALE

Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA, near to KLIA, is scheduled to hold a 5th anniversary celebration from 24th/Aug to 31st/Aug.This is almost the same period as the KLIA Super SALE.

During this SALE you can get the discount up to 80% off and 2 hours free car parks.

During this SALE you can get the discount up to 80% off and 2 hours free car parks.


I believe many people have stayed away from shopping for a while due to MCO although Malaysia has many large shopping malls,Mid Valley Mega Mall , One Utama,and so on.

It’s still in RMCO, but it’s a great deal, so WHY NOT ENJOY SHOPPING after a long time?

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I hope this information will help you.

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KLIA CLAZY SALE is extended until 5th/SEP.

10,000 gusts has already visited there.If you haven’t been there yet,You must go there!!

Additional Information:Here is Japanese Article

I wrote this article in Japanese,too.
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